Where Am I Eating?
Hannah E Williams

Where Am I Eating?

We didn't break our vegetarian diet on this beef stir-fry, but our dinner date did. This may look like an average meat-and-veggie wok number, but it packs some serious heat. Think you know who we asked to crank up the chili count? Take a guess...

Where Am I Eating?

Send us your best guess at whereamieating@newtimes.com for your chance to win our LAST $25 gift certificate to Coach & Willie's. The first person to guess correctly walks away with the prize. And while you want to be quick, you still might have a shot event as much as a week later. If you think you know it, don't miss out: Email us!

Bad news is no one guessed our falafel spot from our last Where Am I Eating. We grabbed that tasty wrap from Med Fresh Grill, a Turkish spot that makes us want to venture down to Mill Ave. more often. Good news is we have tons of great suggestions to continue our falafel trek through the Valley AND one last Coach & Willie's gift certificate to give away!

Email us the name of the place where we grabbed this beef stir-fry, and you'll be on your way to a free meal at Coach & Willie's faster than we drained our drinks to douse the fire from this stir-fry.

UPDATE: We realize the Valley's inundated with Asian food, so here's a clue to help you get hot on our tail. HINT: We're dining in Mesa.

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