Where Am I Eating?
Hannah E Williams

Where Am I Eating?

There's nothing like sushi and deep-fried pastry puffs to ease those after-work drinks through your system more responsibly, not to mention prevent a brain freeze if those happy hour drinks happen to be frozen... Has your ice-cream headache subsided long enough to figure it out?

Where Am I Eating? Think you have us nailed? The first one to send the right answer to us via email at whereamieating@newtimes.com wins a $25 gift certificate to Coach & Willie's, so get those wheels a-turning as quick as you can.

Last week's winner was a shoe-in not only because she's the manager of Caffe Boa's sister restaurant, Caffe Boa Bistro, but also because she was the only one to email a guess (and the right guess!) to us. Congratulations Amanda Vaughn! We were indeed getting our pasta fix at Caffe Boa.

Email us your best guess this week, and you could be the one walking away with $25 to Coach & Willie's. It's fair game people: Just throw your hat in the ring by shooting us an email.

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