Where Am I Eating?

Some days you just want a big bowl of pasta. And then you want to justify ingesting all the carbs, so you pick dish packed full of veggies: Leeks, cauliflower, and corn - oh wait, corn's another starch isn't it. Dang it!

Count that as a double drats, because at this point we've probably said (and eaten) too much. All the more reason for us to head to the gym and for you to place your bet... What've you got to lose? Nothing! So what do you think?

Where Am I Eating?

Shoot us an email with the right answer to [email protected] ASAP, because the first one to land in our inbox gets a $25 gift certificate to Coach & Willie's.

Last week's winner emailed us within an hour of the article going live. Congratulations Mary Schoellman! You got us. We did indeed snag our Best of Phoenix sustenance of last week's post from Essence Bakery Cafe.

Follow her super-speedy example, and you could be heading to Coach & Willie's with a $25 gift certificate padding your wallet next week. And believe us, that's the best kind of padding to have. And all it takes is one quick email.

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Hannah E Williams