Where Am I Eating?

This week's been a bit crazy, and all we wanted was some good, old-fashioned lunch like mom used to make. Loaded with four different cheeses and panini-pressed, this grilled cheese is a little more sophisticated than Kraft on Wonderbread (sorry mom!). Add in a garden salad with all the fixings, and we don't feel like a 4-year-old (although, there was one SCREAMING throughout our lunch hour...).

Have I said too much? Can you guess where I'm eating?

Congratulations to last week's winner, Si Robins, who not only nailed Los Dos Molinos as our Friday hotspot but also left us his Twitter handle so we can track him down and get him his $25 Coach & Willie's gift certificate. Way to go, @sirobins!

P/S: Olllllo, it was indeed the Chile Relleno Plate - but at the Central Ave. location.

Bring the heat a little earlier this week, and a $25 Coach & Willie's gift certificate could also be yours - just make sure you leave a valid email/Twitter/Facebook with your guess!

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