Why Don't You Start a Food Truck Business?

Food trucks have quite the buzz these days, especially the Kogi Korean BBQ-to-Go trucks in Los Angeles. Rabid fans follow the biz on Twitter and get tweets on where to find Korean shortrib tacos at any given moment.

While chowing down on some of Nobuo Fukuda's badass pork belly buns at his one-off event at Welcome Diner the other night, the subject came up in relation to Phoenix.

Why the hell aren't there more food trucks in Phoenix? After all, we're all about car culture -- just like L.A. -- so shouldn't more cooks be mobile?


One of my friends, an entrepreneur, told me the law is weird here. Something about food trucks only being allowed on private property. Just think of Nogales Hot Dogs, situated in that crappy parking lot on Indian School. (What about ice cream trucks, though? Do the treats have to be pre-packaged?)

Can't we change the rules for the sake of culture? Petition the Phoenix City Council? I bet if aspiring food truck operators all converged on City Hall with delicious-smelling food to tempt our elected officials, we could see a food truck boom.

Aw, let me dream.

In the meantime, read the interesting guide on How to Start Your Own Food Truck, courtesy of New York Magazine's Grub Street blog.

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