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Wicked Bakery scores gig with Bliss Spa

By Michele Laudig

I've been to enough spas around town to know that brownies are definitely *not* on the typical refreshment buffet. Usually, the offerings are along the lines of shiny ripe apples, herbal tea, and water with lemon and cucumber. Show up hungry, and your growling stomach will drown out all the soothing sounds of New Age music and trickling water fountains.

But at Bliss Spa -- set to open on Monday at the new W Scottsdale -- there will be a whole bar of brownies from none other than locally owned Wicked Bakery.

A few months back, Bliss held a contest for the esteemed house brownie, and in the end, Wicked beat out two very worthy competitors, Tammie Coe Cakes and Fairytale Brownies. All three competed for votes at public brownie-tasting events.

The whole thing cracks me up. I love brownies, and I love the occasional spa visit, but never before have I combined them. Guess I'll have to book one of the the five "slimming treatments" (one is called "The Love Handler" -- ha!) to make up for shameless snacking . . .

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Michele Laudig
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