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Wieners & Wine and BBQ Dogs for National Hot Dog Day in Today's Eater's Digest

It's National Hot Dog Day!Technically it's hot dog month but today is the real day to celebrate.  Show the hot dog you care tomorrow night at Terroir Wine Pub in Scottsdale. Short Leash Hot Dogs will be hosting an event called "Wieners and Wine" from 5 to 10 p.m.. Short leash will be serving up six of their mouthwatering dogs and Terrior will be teaming them up with a matching wine. We're planning to order the jalapeno & cheddar corn dog bites and a glass of Velvet Devil Merlot or maybe the chicken dog served with grilled peaches and goat cheese on flatbread with a glass of Due Uve White Blend.  Each pairing is $8. No reservations needed, just show up and support the dog! 

BBQ Dogs

Why didn't we think of this?! Grilled hot dogs basted with barbecue sauce. We're pretty sure we'll never grill naked hot dogs again. Top them off with a heaping pile of homemade cold slaw and you're set for National Hot Dog Day or any day you're hit with a hot dog craving. 

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