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Wild Western Tacos at Pomegranate Cafe: Not Your Typical Tacos, in a Good Way

We realize that $14 for either a breakfast dish or a plate of tacos might inspire the raising of an eyebrow or two. Before you get your face out of shape, the cost is worth it in the case of Pomegranate Café's Wild Western Tacos. The dish is a value for its substantial size alone. When you add on the deliciousness factor, it's an easy choice.

This pair of tacos is substantial. It is easily sharable by two people without leaving the other with hunger pangs. The tortillas were of the spinach and wheat variety and could barely contain the filling of a choice of egg or tofu (we had the latter), mixed vegetables, two kind of potatoes – sweet and Yukon Gold — pico de gallo, a creamy Baja sauce, cheese, sprouts, and cashew sour cream. If that wasn't a hearty enough mix, a small mountain of really tasty guacamole was dropped on top.

With all the creamy condiments, we were a bit afraid that the tacos could be too soft and squishy, but there was enough texture with the sprouts, the mixed veggies, and the slight crisp edge of the potatoes, along with the chewy component of the tortilla, to oppose the softness.

Pomegranate Café offers a lengthy selection of breakfast options, with highlights like strawberry banana French toast ($8) which has griddled bread covered in strawberries, maple syrup, candied walnuts, and coconut whip cream. There's also the Green Garden Protein Bowl ($14). In that one, you get egg or tofu with farm vegetables and kale topped with avocado, macadamia-basil pesto, and sprouts.

While all these sounded interesting, we decided our second selection would be one of the daily specials – lemon poppy seed pancakes ($12), a choice that proved to be wise.

Again, the restaurant didn't skimp on portion size with this plate. Three fluffy pancakes draped the plate and were covered in sweet, fresh strawberries and whipped cream that was refreshingly not too sweet and had just a touch of coconut flavor.

Made with spelt flour, these mammoth 'cakes were speckled with poppy seeds and brightened with the zing of fresh lemon. It was the latter that really pushed their goodness to the next level, and, when mixed with the maple syrup, created a nice balance of sweet and tart. They didn't feel too heavy, which was also a positive factor, as pancakes can often leave you in need of a mid-morning nap.

Pomegranate has a nice vibe – bustling and bright. The staff was really friendly and happy to give opinions and answer menu-related questions. The menu also has plenty of things for lunch and dinner but if you're not in the mood for a full meal, just try to resist picking up something from their hard-to-ignore pastry case. 
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Amy Young is an arts and culture writer who also spends time curating arts-related exhibits and events, and playing drums in local bands French Girls and Sturdy Ladies.
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