Win Pei Wei Money by Dominating at Facebook Games

We know more than a few people addicted to food-related Facebook games (Restaurant City, really?), but now there's one that has an actual pay-off for becoming an expert, and you'll learn a few cool recipes while playing.

Pei Wei Asian Diner is currently hosting a "Wok Chef" game on their Facebook page, where fans of the fast casual establishment may learn how to prepare one of the eatery's signature dishes, then race against the clock to prepare it themselves. The speediest virtual chef each day scores a $20 gift card to Pei Wei.

The contest goes through March 8 and is relatively easy. After friending Pei Wei Asian Diner on FB, click on their "Wok Chef" feature. You'll then pick a dish (we tried a Vietnamese spring roll) and be shown how to make it step-by-step. You can cheat by writing down the ingredients in the exact order (rice paper, then lettuce, then shrimp), since you'll need to then "make" the dish yourself. The fastest time each day gets the moolah.

Pei Wei sure knows how to utilize its social media skills by giving diners a fun way to not only compete for cash but also become more knowledgable of the place's cuisine. We say keep the games coming!

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