Wine Wipes Clean Up Your Pearly Purples

You wine drinkers know what pearly purples are. So what if I just made up the term? Purple teeth syndrome comes with the territory when you're busy drinking Merlot and Amarone.

A friend of mine who's big into wine invited me over for an impromptu tasting recently, and we hung out sipping and spitting into the kitchen sink before heading out for dinner. By the time we'd finished a trying an absurd variety of vino, our teeth were definitely looking dark, and our lips a very goth shade of purplish black.

Then she brought out a tiny container of something called Wine Wipes, which she ordered online. Teeny tiny pads, soaked in some kind of liquid that takes away pretty much all evidence of wine drinking, were easy enough to swipe over my teeth, although the astringent taste wasn't very enticing. A gargle of water to get rid of that was in order.

I'm psyched to have my own container of these things in my purse.

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Michele Laudig
Contact: Michele Laudig