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Winemakers Dinner, Udder Delights, and Mummy Meatloaf in Today's Eater's Digest


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Wine Dinner at The Boulders
Latilla at The Boulders Resort is hosting a Winemakers Dinner this Thursday, October 14. The recently overhauled restaurant's Executive Chef, Michael Pieton will prepare an exquisite meal featuring yellowtail hamachi, citrus steamed Alaskan halibut, gazpachi, peppercorn crusted elk loin, a selection of artisan cheeses, and for dessert, Ibarra chocolate fondant. Dinner will be paired with wine from Domaine Chandon Vineyard and Winemaker Tom Tiburzzi will be on hand to discuss the wine. The evening starts at 6:30 p.m. with a cocktail reception and dinner to follow at 7 p.m.Tickets are $85 ++ per person.For reservations call 480-488-7317

Udder-ly Delightful!
Looking for something to do with the little ones during Fall break? Why not take a trip to Superstition Farms! Pay a visit to the petting zoo or make an appointment to take a tour of the real working dairy farm and learn about where your food comes from. Educational and fun all the same time.

And while your out East, make sure you stop by Udder Delights for a scoop of ice cream and, if you're lucky, their amazing pumpkin bread(We were lucky enough to get our hands on a sample, it was hands down best thing we ate all weekend) Friday. October 18th they are even having an ice cream making class for kids ages 6-12. Kids get to take a tour of the kitchen and then make their very own ice cream for just $8 per kid. Email info@udderdelightsaz.com to sign up.

I See You

Holy cute! Mummy Meatloaf might be the cutest Halloween idea yet. Plus it gives us a chance to make meatloaf without feeling like we have slipped into a 1950's time warp. Don't judge, sometimes you just wanna eat what your mom(or grandma) used to make.

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