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Woman Blogs About Making Sandwiches for Her Man in Exchange for a Proposal

Stephanie Smith is in her mid-30s and lives with her boyfriend Eric. They've been together for two years and have traveled the country, met each other's parents, and "hosted many a dinner party" together.

And just over a year ago, he told her, "Honey, you're 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!" As in, if you make me 300 more sandwiches, I will totally put a ring on it.

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Unfortunately this isn't a joke, this is a real thing and you can follow her conquest on the blog, 300sandwiches.com. On it, Smith posts photos and recipes of the delicious-looking sandwiches she makes with love for her boyfriend, who supposedly is a great cook. We're having a hard time believing that given he'd rather make his girlfriend start a blog and buy an expensive camera so she can sacrifice her dignity on the Internet instead of making himself lunch.

We'll admit, it's a well-photographed project with some pretty cool recipes -- but what about the fact that a man asking his girlfriend to make him sandwiches in exchange for an engagement is pretty damn demeaning?

As you can imagine, we're not the only ones that found the idea a little too 1950s.

Stacey Brook, a 30-year-old freelance writer, transformed her feelings into another blog. This one's called Ordering 300 Sandwiches, and it's pretty much genius. Her lazy creations include The Cure, a screwdriver between "two slices of Aleve" to cure her boyfriend's hangover, and The DIY, which she posted with this caption:

"J just asked me if I could order him a sandwich, and I was like, 'Why don't you just open up Seamless and order one yourself, you lazy piece of shit.' He got a ham and cheese."

So far, Smith has made her dude 176 sandwiches, which means she has nearly a year more to go if she makes him three sandwiches a week. We guess we'll all turn a blind eye to the fact that she's blogged about making them to get herself "out of the doghouse" after showing up late for dinner and just be happy when the whole thing is over.

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