Food Truck Frenzy

Wood-Fired on Wheels: Il Bosco Pizza Oven

There's a new truck -- a wagon, actually -- rolling around town, ready to deliver fresh wood fired pie. 

What began as a hobby after Bill Forrest built a wood-fired oven in his backyard has turned into Il Bosco pizza catering, with plans for a North Scottsdale brick and mortar location coming soon.


A golf pro, Forrest has traded his driver for a pile of flour and a peel -- cooking everything from pizza dough to dessert in his Valoriani oven. Not a trained baker or chef, he has done a lot of experimenting to develop the right "texture and chew" to his crust, which he describes as "Neo-Neapolitan style".

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Il Bosco's wood fired oven on wheels could be the perfect addition to the small mobile food truck scene in Phoenix. But as of now, Forrest explains, Il Bosco doesn't fit into any of the Maricopa County's licensing categories.

You might find Forrest at one-time events like Roosevelt Row's A.R.T.S. Market, which he hopes to attend.

Dreaming of your own wood-fired oven but don't have time to build one? Il Bosco can deliver the pizza, wood fired oven and all.

Il Bosco Pizza www.Il Bosco 480-335-8680

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