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Worst Cooks in America Contestant Kelly (Johnson) LoCascio on Chef Beau, the Show

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Did you personally think you were a horrible cook prior to auditioning, or did someone nominate you for this "honor?"

A combination of both. I volunteer with HomeBase Youth Services. I cook for youth ages 18-21 and let's say these kids are not discreet in their comments about your cooking. I had a lot of feedback from them about how terrible I was. Luckily, my husband runs a restaurant, so I can bring them takeout.

After cooking a dish representing yourself on Episode 1, you discovered Chefs Beau and Anne were looking for the worst 12 dishes, not the best. At that point, did you want to get picked as one of the worst?

It's almost a catch-22. You're about to get the opportunity of a lifetime to work with Food Network chefs, but at the same time you're going to tell the entire country you're terrible and you're going to display something that's one of your worst attributes.

But I was excited to be there, even if it meant that I was going to tell everybody that I was the worst cook. I was signed up to give 100% and was there to learn.

Had you met Chef Beau MacMillan or been to elements prior to the show?

I had never heard of Chef Beau. I watch Food Network and I had some recollection of his battle with Bobby Flay on Iron Chef, but I had never met him. After the show, he was actually the chef for my wedding.

[Meeting him] was a blessing in disguise because the facility that I booked my wedding reception at in Arizona went bankrupt. So I thought, I met Chef Beau for a reason. I called him and begged him for a favor and the wedding turned out wonderful.

Are you watching the show?

Absolutely. You're there in the middle of it, but you don't get to see even a scintilla of what's going on. It's so much fun to see how the show is playing out.

It's hard to watch because it's such an emotional roller coaster. If you take something that you feel so insecure about and you have to do it in front of an entire camera crew, two chefs that are just fantastic at what they do, it's hard. And it's hard to watch it. I wish I was watching it with the other 11 people. As we're watching it, we're e-mailing back and forth saying, "Oh, it wasn't that bad, don't worry."

So...*wink, wink* do you know who wins?

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