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Moldy bananas, ‘dark orange grease’ found at Phoenix restaurants in June

Here are the Valley's worst restaurant inspections in June.
Restaurants must immediately fix any Priority Violations that inspectors find. If they can't fix an issue on the spot, the restaurant will be reinspected within three days to make sure they comply.
Restaurants must immediately fix any Priority Violations that inspectors find. If they can't fix an issue on the spot, the restaurant will be reinspected within three days to make sure they comply. Fertnig/Getty
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As Maricopa County restaurant inspectors fanned out across the Phoenix area in June, they found some unappetizing discoveries.

Inspectors visit restaurants multiple times per year to ensure their kitchens meet the cleanliness and safety standards needed to keep everyone healthy. Restaurants that receive violations must quickly address the issues which can involve everything from throwing away old food to replacing broken equipment.

Out of the hundreds of inspections completed in June that were documented in county inspection reports, most restaurants passed with flying colors. Others, not so much. Here are the worst restaurant offenders in June.

Bosa Donuts

1752 S. Signal Butte Road, Mesa
On a June 28 inspection, the Signal Butte location of Bosa Donuts received five violations. Many were related to improper handwashing. The inspector observed employees washing their hands in the three-compartment kitchen sink since the handwashing sink was blocked by brooms and a trashcan. The employees also washed their hands for less than five seconds and didn't use soap or paper towels. The inspector also found out-of-date boba and a broken soda machine with an "accumulation of organic debris" on the nozzles.

Casa De Mina

25728 S. Power Road, Queen Creek
Queen Creek restaurant Casa De Mina received four violations on its June 3 inspection. The report noted a "soda gun with visible organic growth on gun and cover." While there, the inspector also saw a cook drop a dry towel on the ground,  pick it up and wipe off a food thermometer, and try to use the thermometer in food. The inspector stopped the use of the thermometer. Out-of-date ground beef and green chile were also found.

The Oink Cafe

4326 E. Cactus Road
The Oink Cafe on Cactus Road racked up four violations on its June 18 inspection. Raw meat was found above cooked foods in the refrigerator. Staff stored personal items such as a vape cartridge and bottle of Midol among food items. A cracked deli slicer had "food debris and an organic matter-like buildup," and various cold storage units around the restaurant contained old food. Cheesecake sauce, cooked noodles, mac and cheese sauce, ranchero sauce, cooked green chiles, cooked diced chorizo and cinnamon roll glaze with cream cheese were all between nine and 15 days old. The inspector also "observed accumulation of dark orange grease and dust on walls and ceiling over bacon cook ovens and bacon hold box."

Sip Coffee & Beer

3620 E. Indian School Road
On a June 3 inspection, Sip Coffee & Beer on Indian School Road received three violations. The inspector found a box of moldy bananas, a container of hummus from mid-May and a container of feta cheese from May 10, nearly a month prior to the inspection. The old and moldy foods were thrown away.

Tom Cen Cafe

2828 N. Central Ave.
At Tom Cen Cafe on Central Avenue, the inspector cited three violations on June 24. Raw eggs were stored above quinoa and bottled drinks. Red salsa, cooked sausage and cooked quinoa were all more than the maximum of seven days old, with the sausage having been made two full weeks prior.
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