You Pick It: Buckelew Farm
Buckelew Farm

You Pick It: Buckelew Farm

The next farm in our round-up is in southwest Tucson. Buckelew Farms is about an hour closer to the Phoenix-metro area than Apple Annie's, which we explored yesterday.

Buckelew Farms is strictly a pumpkin patch, so orchard enthusiasts should look elsewhere. However, the $4 fee makes it a good destination for a cheap day trip. For those who find the perfect pumpkin, it only costs 40 cents per pound to buy it.

The farm also features some tasty lunch options like grilled turkey legs, corn on-the-cob, and homemade pumpkin pie. In keeping with the Halloween spirit, the farm's cornfield turns into a spooky haunted maze at night.

What's most foodie-friendly about Buckelew Farms is the long list of tasty recipes on the farm's site tailored specifically for their you-pick-it pumpkins. Pumpkin risotto, pumpkin soup served in the hollowed-out gourd, and even pumpkin crème brulee recipes are all available online.

Tomorrow we'll travel closer to home, to Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek, where the Schnepf family is offering a unique opportunity to get a taste of their farm.


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