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Your Favorite Childhood Snack Is About to Get Jack'd Up: Cracker Jack, Meet Caffeine

Our Twinkies might be gone forever, but the makers of Cracker Jack aren't afraid to change with the times. And these are the times of Starbucks on every corner, caffeine-related deaths and general ridiculousness -- all of which means Cracker Jack snacks plus caffeine? What the hell, why not.

That's right. Caffeinated Cracker Jacks, called Cracker Jack'd Power Bites, are expected to hit shelves later this year.

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The energizing snacks will be a part of the brand's expansion line, Cracker Jack'd. Of the new line, two flavors will come with a 702 mg-caffeine infusion, according to makers Frito-Lay.

Because what we all been in need of is more sources of energy.

According to the packaging, each 2-oz. package will contain approximately as much caffeine as a single cup of coffee. Ad Age spoke with a Frito-Lay spokesman, who said caffeine kick would come in the form of coffee, which will be an ingredient in the two flavors, Cracker Jack'D Power Bites Vanilla Mocha and Cracker Jack'D Power Bites Cocoa Java.

In light of a recent FDA investigation into claims the popular 5-Hour Energy drink may have been related to more than 13 deaths in the past four years, many think the jacked up snacks aren't such a great idea. Although the original snack - known for it's child-friendly prize inside - was aimed at younger eaters, Frito-Lays insists the new product will be marketed towards adults.

No news yet on when the amped up candy popcorn treats will hit shelves but Nationwide Candy, an online candy retailer, is already taking pre-orders and says the first shipments will begin after December 22.

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