Your New Favorite Food App: Forkly

Tired of the photo-heavy focus of Foodspotting? Is Nosh just not doin' it for you? Frustrate not, food app fans, Forkly has arrived on the scene.

Launched on Tuesday, Forkly is a new iPhone app with a focus on ratings. "Like" an item? Was it "just okay?" Based on your ratings, Forkly creates a personalized "taste graph" with suggestions of new places and menu items you'll enjoy once you go there.

And, of course, you can post your taste musings and photos of food to Twitter and Facebook.

Check out some additional functions, including tools for food bloggers, restaurants, and brands and a quick video after the jump.

Forkly also let's you flag things you "want," write short reviews, and become an "influencer" for suggesting food and drinks others might enjoy.

And for food bloggers, brands, and restaurants, Forkly has set up some tools just for you.

Check out Forkly here. Or, to find Forkly in the App Store, go here.

Forkly iPhone App from Forkly App on Vimeo.

Via: TechCrunch

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