Yupha's Thai Kitchen reopens in new location tonight

By Michele Laudig

If you're craving Thai food for dinner tonight, I have a tasty suggestion: Yupha's Thai Kitchen.

Yupha Dequenne says it's a little bit bigger now -- about 100 seats instead of 77 -- but feels quite a bit bigger, thanks to a new layout.

The scrumptious Thai menu is the same, with a few new items, including gaeng pa, a low-fat vegetarian curry that doesn't contain coconut milk, and gaeng kua supparod, a pineapple coconut milk red curry with jumbo shrimp. Both were customer favorites that had been offered as daily specials in the past.

If you're like me, you might be ready to run out to Yupha's for lunch (the food is really delicious), but they don't open their doors until dinner tonight, at 6 p.m. Bon appetit!


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