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The 10 Best Concerts in Phoenix This Week

Spend a hot summer night at a cool concert.

Go Home (Depot): Artist Carolyn Lavender Tackled the Big Box Store and Won

8 hours ago by Robrt L. Pela
She rallied people in the Loma Linda neighborhood and the hardware giant gave in.

Ex-Phoenix Assistant Water Director Discriminated Against, Targeted Employees

8 hours ago by Elizabeth Whitman
Two city investigations found Alisha Solano scared and targeted employees, creating "a chilling effect on those who wished to exercise their rights.”

Ocean Prime Is Back Open With New Happy Hour Specials

9 hours ago by Lauren Cusimano
Complete with Monday night happy hour specials.

The Alarm's Mike Peters on Their New Record, Cancer Survival, and 40 Years of Touring

9 hours ago by Amy Young
Welsh band Alarm blastinto Phoenix July 31 at Celebrity Theatre along with Modern English and Jay Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel.

The Best Free Things to Do in Metro Phoenix This Week

10 hours ago by Cara Pencak
Forget your wallet at home this week.

New Salvadorian Eatery Griddles 12 Kinds of Pupusas in North Phoenix

10 hours ago by Chris Malloy
A mother-and-son team brings family recipes to North Phoenix.

10 Best Places to Get Your Ice Cream Fix in Metro Phoenix

1 day ago by New Times Staff
Where to get your ice cream therapy in the Valley.

Watch: How NASA Re-Created Moon's Surface in Arizona for Apollo Program

2 days ago by Benjamin Leatherman
Scientists blew up an area near Flagstaff to create lunar craters for astronauts.

10 Best Breakfast Spots in Greater Phoenix

2 days ago by New Times Staff
Classic eggs to more worldly eggs across the Valley.

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