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Handmaids Protest at Senate: 'Eddie Farnsworth Protects Rapists'

2 hours ago by Meg O'Connor
"Eddie Farnsworth protects rapists," read a white banner with red and black lettering hung over the Arizona Senate floor on Monday afternoon.

RÜFÜS DU SOL Had to Find the Rock in EDM

6 hours ago by Sara Edwards
Singer Tyrone Lindqvist didn’t like electronic music before joining the band.

Table Scraps: R. City Is the Phoenix Area’s Very Own Composting Angel

7 hours ago by Lauren Cusimano
How to responsibly dispose of food scraps in your apartment? Your restaurant? There's a service for that.

Vote for Yai Cecream's Design In the Pabst Beer Art Contest

7 hours ago by Lynn Trimble
Locals know her best for her murals in and beyond Roosevelt Row.

The 30 Best Places to Party During Spring Training 2020

7 hours ago by Benjamin Leatherman
From Scottsdale to Surprise, here's your guide to the best places for pre- or post-game festivities.

Cafe Review: An Arizona Icon Shuffles Its Menu Yet Remains Great

8 hours ago by Chris Malloy
After almost two decades, Kai is still at the forefront of Arizona cooking.

One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Found Footage Festival

8 hours ago by Ashley Naftule
Check out the outrageous VCR Party in Tempe this weekend!

Tohono O’odham Chairman to Congress: Trump's Wall Is Destroying Tribal Sites

8 hours ago by Steven Hsieh
"For us, this is no different from DHS building a 30-foot wall along Arlington Cemetery."

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Affirms Gun Rights in Controversial Vote

1 day ago by Ali Swenson
"Maricopa County, as you've heard me say, is a family. One big family. And sometimes families disagree."

The Arizona Republic Will Stop Endorsing Candidates

1 day ago by Steven Hsieh
Readers don't want "another media kingmaker."

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