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$12.5 Million Claim Accuses Phoenix Police of Illegal Cavity Search

5 hours ago by Steven Hsieh
"A warrantless body cavity search, in a police substation, by a police officer, following an unlawful arrest. A refusal to investigate the victim’s complaints of assault."

Phoenix Is the Largest U.S. City Without Independent Police Oversight

7 hours ago by Steven Hsieh
The Phoenix city council has stalled on an effort to implement independent oversight of the police. Things look different this year.

Q&A With John Waters: How Hairspray Secretly Corrupted a Generation

8 hours ago by Jason Keil
Provocative filmmaker bringing his one-man show to Phoenix.

Priests Go From Punk to Disco on The Seduction of Kansas

8 hours ago by Ashley Naftule
“If Tyler, The Creator wants to work with us, I’d be down."

Radio Cherry Bombe Podcast Is Taping at FnB in Scottsdale

8 hours ago by Lauren Cusimano
The female-focused food podcast is heading to FnB this week.

Anchor's Away: Newscaster and Recovered Addict Gets to Be Brandon Lee Now

8 hours ago by Robrt L. Pela
The former Channel 3 anchor details his descent into sex and drug addiction in self-published memoir Mascara Boy.

Four Peaks for Teachers 2019: Supply Voucher Pickup Starts Today

9 hours ago by Lauren Cusimano
Starting today till June 28, teachers may pick up vouchers for school-supply kits across metro Phoenix.

The Eight Best Concerts in Phoenix This Week

Check out rock legends, both alive and otherwise.

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