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Large-Scale Dispensaries Are Still the Main Backers of Arizona's Pot Initiative

16 hours ago by Ali Swenson
The biggest contributors to Arizona's initiative to legalize marijuana are — you guessed it — dispensaries.

Now Closed: The Root and Soul in North Scottsdale

17 hours ago by Lauren Cusimano
We'll have to go elsewhere for amazing fried chicken.

Arizona Agency Leaving Developmentally Disabled People Behind

21 hours ago by Hannah Critchfield
In the last 25 years, conditions have never as bad as they are now for disabled individuals who rely on the state’s care, the resident said.

Dadadoh Dishes the Details of His Band's Upcoming Album

21 hours ago by Em Casalena
It's going to be an ode to musicians in Phoenix.

At Least Two Phoenix Cops to Be Disciplined Over Facebook Posts

22 hours ago by Meg O'Connor
Some officers are bemoaning their perceived lack of free speech, applying for jobs elsewhere, and even suing the city for trying to discipline them.

City of Phoenix Botched Water Line Replacement, Sunnyslope Residents Say

22 hours ago by Elizabeth Whitman
"I figured the city knew what it was doing," one homeowner said.

Fair Enough: When You Tossed More Than Beanbags at the State Fair

22 hours ago by Robrt L. Pela
“In the old days it didn’t matter what I ate. Because I would get on the Tilt-o-Whirl and everything I ate just came back up.”

Mary Bridget Davies Embodies the Late Singer Janis Joplin in Musical

22 hours ago by Sara Edwards
She plays Pearl in A Night with Janis Joplin.

An Ambitious Pizzeria With Its Own Farm in Laveen

22 hours ago by Chris Malloy
Figs, garlic, and basil sourced from right down the road at Mimi Forno Italiano.

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