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Education, Civil Rights Groups Protest ALEC Summit in Scottsdale

1 hour ago by Elizabeth Whitman
Policies generated or inspired by the closed-door "bill mill" have had a devastating impact on communities of color, protesters said.

2019 Holiday Guide to Cocktails in Metro Phoenix

5 hours ago by Rudri Patel
It is time to get your seasonal drink on.

Jared & The Mill Come Home for the Holidays

5 hours ago by Britt Kemp
Their holiday extravaganza caps off a year that included a gig at Bonnaroo.

The Best Greek Restaurants in Greater Phoenix

6 hours ago by Sara Edwards
Greek salads to spanakopita, and all your other Mediterranean favorites.

Dani’s Local Dish: New Month, New Celebrations

6 hours ago by Dani Cutler
There are some musical Christmas parties this weekend.

10 Best Restaurants in Tempe Right Now

7 hours ago by New Times Staff
And none of them are on Mill Avenue.

20 Years of Modified Arts: How the Gallery Changed Roosevelt Row

7 hours ago by Lynn Trimble
The gallery has nurtured Phoenix's best-loved artists and musicians.

Groups Sue Arizona Legislature Over Closed-Door ALEC Meetings

19 hours ago by Elizabeth Whitman
They want a judge to rule that Arizona's transparency laws apply to these secretive legislative discussions.

Video: Arizona DPS Director Gets Warning for Driving Over 90 MPH

19 hours ago by Ali Swenson
Watch out while driving — you may be sharing the road with the lead-footed state DPS director.

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