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Ducey-Appointed Nursing Board Member Said 'Minorities' Are 'Trying to Change Us'

2 minutes ago by Steven Hsieh
The governor's spokesperson said Arizona law does not grant him the authority to fire Gillette for her inflammatory comments.

Food Bank for HIV Patients to Rework Policy After Man Says He Got Expired Food

7 minutes ago by Ali Swenson
For HIV and AIDS patients with compromised immune systems, eating bad food could lead to life-threatening infections.

The Joeys Are Anything but Average

4 hours ago by Serene Dominic
The teen rockabilly band aren’t a novelty act.

The 5 Best Drinks Our Critic Drank in 2019

4 hours ago by Chris Malloy
Beer, cocktails, cider, sake ...

Tribal Police Officer Under Investigation for Domestic Violence

4 hours ago by Meg O'Connor
She tried to protect her neck as she feared for her life and she screamed for her 10-year-old daughter to come," Faust said.

The Decade That Altered Local Music Forever

Those in the scene reflect on the Valley’s new landscape.

The 12 Songs of Arizona Christmas: Three French Hens

5 hours ago by Chris Coplan
Day three of our musical Advent calendar for intriguing businesses and groups across the state.

How Arizona Artists Are Tackling the High Cost of Health Insurance

5 hours ago by Lynn Trimble
How some artists are approaching the high cost of insurance.

28 Holiday Menus, Seatings, and To-Go Orders in Greater Phoenix

5 hours ago by Rudri Patel
No evidence of Scrooge in the Valley this year.

Update: Pink Elephant Records Is Closing

6 hours ago by Jason Keil
But it's not going away.

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