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6 Best Concerts in Phoenix This Week

5 years ago by Phoenix New Times
'Tis the season for something. Whether you unironically don an ugly Christmas sweater and embrace the holidays or spend December bitching about consumerism and the inherent shallowness of modern society, there's something about the last month of the year you're doing differently. If you can spare the dough from your...


18 years ago by Merilyn Jackson
When I was 16, I met a handsome guy with a perfect shiny black pompadour who told me his name was Alan Conti. Three weeks later he confessed that his real name was Alan Waldman. He was Jewish, not Italian, and had been afraid I wouldn't go out with him...

The Andrews Brothers Brings Fast-Paced, Tuneful Fun to Broadway Palm in Mesa

8 years ago by Julie Peterson
If it sounds implausible to you that three male stagehands with 4F draft classifications would decide to impersonate the Andrews Sisters (who are quarantined in Hawaii) to bolster troop morale at the big USO show, you should know that's not an unusual way for show-biz types to address emergencies in...

Onstage in Tucson: Ayckbourn Farce Taking Steps at Live Theatre Workshop

8 years ago by Julie Peterson
It's that time of year when some of us are a bit more free to get out of town occasionally, and whether you want to go or have to go, you might need a guide to diversions in strange places. Curtains is happy to visit such exotic locales as Anthem...

Grapes on a Vine


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