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Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon Praised by Andrew Thomas for Not Suing Maricopa County

10 years ago by Ray Stern
Back in May, an attorney for Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon sent Maricopa County officials a demand to preserve documents in anticipation of a legal claim. Gordon "intends to pursue all his legal options for the actions leading up to and arising out of the investigation, intimidation, and members of...

Grand Exit: Downtown’s ThirdSpace Is Looking for a New Home

8 months ago by Robrt L. Pela
The downtown mainstay is vacating its location at the end of the month.

Despite Growing Controversy, Bill Montgomery's Supreme Court Bid Moves Ahead

8 months ago by Meg O'Connor
Montgomery's bid for the state's highest court is moving ahead, despite backlash over his handling of sexual misconduct and demands for his resignation.

Developer George Johnson Loses $21M to Ex-County Supervisor Andy Kunasek

9 months ago by Ray Stern
The dispute began after Kunasek invested money in deals with Johnson and became partners with Johnson's children in a small utility business.

County Attorney Bill Montgomery Misses Shot for Arizona Supreme Court

12 months ago by Joseph Flaherty
The Commission on Appellate Court Appointments has sent five candidates to Governor Doug Ducey. Bill Montgomery is not one of them.

The 30 Best Concerts in Phoenix in January 2019

With plenty of legends in the mix, including Elton John, Peter Murphy, and Kris Kris Kristofferson.

Sheriff Joe wants to read Phil Gordon’s e-mail

12 years ago by Sarah Fenske
When Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon spoke out against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, he had to know that retaliation would be swift. After all, past critics of the sheriff's office have been investigated, smeared, even jailed. It didn't take Gordon long to join the list. On April 24, four weeks...

Phil Gordon Payments to Girlfriend Okay, Ex-Chief Justice Finds

10 years ago by Sarah Fenske
We saw this one coming. The lawyer handpicked by Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon's public-relations guy to examine a series of payments the mayor made to his girlfriend using his campaign finance funds -- former Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas Zlaket -- has cleared Gordon of illegal activity.Gordon is in...

Hot Links: Photo Radar, Phil Gordon's Term, and a Beef Recall

10 years ago by Niki D'Andrea
Six weeks after announcing he wouldn't prosecute criminal-speeding cases based on photo-radar evidence, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas has decided that photo-radar evidence can be used in criminal speeding cases. Barnet Lotstein, special assistant to Thomas, says what Thomas should have said initially was photo-radar evidence should be used primarily...

10 Reasons Phil Gordon Shouldn't Run for Mayor Again (None Related to Mr. Bean Look)

6 years ago by Monica Alonzo
Mayor Phil Gordon, again? Sure, he provided a steady stream of juicy, controversial story fodder during his tenure. He's got that adorable Mr. Bean thing going for him. And the disheveled look he sports gives off an approachable vibe. During good times in Phoenix -- when politicians could convince voters...

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