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Is Andrew Thomas Delusional?

7 years ago by Matthew Hendley
(Regular New Times readers, feel free to skip to the bottom of this post and cast your vote immediately.)Local Republican blogger Political Mafioso was already questioning whether disbarred and disgraced former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas was delusional after Thomas said he was considering a run for governor, but get...

Andrew Thomas Releases a Very Andrew Thomas-y Campaign Ad

5 years ago by Matthew Hendley
Disbarred former Maricopa County Attorney and current Republican gubernatorial candidate Andrew Thomas has released a very Andrew Thomas-y campaign ad.By "Andrew Thomas-y," we mean there's a crossed-out Mexican flag, and Thomas claiming to stand up to the "gay lobby."...

Will Andrew Thomas and Lisa Aubuchon Be Disbarred?

8 years ago by Matthew Hendley
Stock up on the popcorn -- a State Bar disciplinary panel is set to release the findings of its inquiry into former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, and former deputy county attorneys Lisa Aubuchon and Rachel Alexander on April 10.Both Thomas and Aubuchon face possible disbarment, and Alexander could have...

Russell Pearce: The Savior of Andrew Thomas?

12 years ago by Sarah Fenske
So, if this thing passes, prosecutors can do whatever the hell they want, without fear of reprisal? Pretty much.

Andrew Thomas Spanked By Appeals Court

11 years ago by Sarah Fenske
  That was fast. Two days ago, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas fired off a Hail Mary to the Court of Appeals, complaining that superior court judges are biased against him and asking the higher court to intervene. Today a three-justice appellate panel dismissed Thomas' petition for special action -- without...

Andrew Thomas Qualifies for Clean Elections Commission Funding

5 years ago by Ray Stern
Andrew Thomas, who infamously abused his power as Maricopa County Attorney and had his law license taken away, has qualified for $754,000 in public funds for his gubernatorial campaign. The Arizona Secretary of State's Office confirmed on Thursday that a supplemental filing of 259 five-dollar contributions Thomas made on Tuesday...

Andrew Thomas Concedes in AG's Race -- Finally

9 years ago by James King
It's been fairly clear the past few days that former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas was gonna lose the Republican primary for state attorney general to Tom Horne. But he refused to concede.Can't blame the guy for not throwin' in the towel -- it was a close race. But today...

Andrew Thomas' Amended RICO Complaint Tossed By Judge

10 years ago by Sarah Fenske
Saying that attorneys for Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas made a procedural error, U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow rejected the "amended complaint" they attempted to file last week in their racketeering lawsuit against county officials.While that ruling has nothing to do with the merits of the case, it...

Taxpayers to Continue Footing Bill for Andrew Thomas Defense

8 years ago by James King
Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas already has blown through the $100,000 in taxpayer money he was granted to defend himself in his upcoming state Bar ethics hearing, and now he's getting even more of your moolah for his defense.The county has agreed to continue paying Thomas' attorney, Don Wilson,...

Andrew Thomas: Taxpayers on the Hook for $573K Defense

11 years ago by Sarah Fenske
  So Andrew Thomas fought the Bar, and Andrew Thomas won. But it looks the real losers here aren't only those good government types who'd hoped to hold the erstwhile county attorney accountable for his overzealous prosecutions. No, the real losers include us, the taxpayers. According to a recent story in...

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