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Joe Arpaio: 10 Reasons Not to Vote for This Bloodsucker (You Want More?)

2 years ago by Stuart Warner
This little man does not deserve to be your U.S. Senator.

Joe Arpaio's Goons Grab Salvador Reza Off the Street and Arrest Him, Again (w/Update and Video)

9 years ago by Stephen Lemons
Note: For the latest on Reza's release, and the prosecutor's admission of no probable cause, please click, here.Like you needed more evidence of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's police state tactics, civil rights leader Salvador Reza of the group Puente was arrested this afternoon by a contingent of MCSO goons, apparently on Arpaio's direct orders...

Final Exit Network "Assisted Suicide" Defendant Pleads Guilty Today to Endangerment

8 years ago by Paul Rubin
An 86-year-old Scottsdale man pleaded guilty this morning to endangerment in the assisted-suicide case of a Phoenix woman who killed herself in 2007.     In April, a Maricopa County jury could not agree on whether Franklin Langsner was guilty of manslaughter by assisting in the suicide of 57-year-old Jana Van...

Associated Press Stonewalls on Flubbed Senate Bill 1070 Item

8 years ago by Stephen Lemons
Following my column this week regarding the Associated Press' flubbed piece on the sentences received by 13 anti-SB 1070 protesters arrested outside the Fourth Avenue Jail on July 29, 2010, attorney Antonio Bustamante, one of the lawyers for the defendants, wrote the AP asking for a correction or retraction of...

Black and Latino Leaders in Phoenix Call on Congress to Restore Voting Rights Act

6 years ago by Matthew Hendley
Black and Latino leaders in Phoenix think voting rights for minorities in Arizona are about to take a step back now that Arizona and eight other states no longer need federal approval on new voting laws.They may not want to hold their breath for what they're demanding, though -- that...

Joe Arpaio's Longtime Foe Mary Rose Wilcox Earns Supporters' Prayers

10 years ago by Stephen Lemons
Long before the judges and lawyers got into the act (excepting such stalwarts as Danny Ortega and Antonio Bustamante, who've been active since the beginning), Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox was speaking out, marching and working against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Wilcox was instrumental in getting former Mesa Police Chief...

Rick Romley's Office Drops Disorderly Conduct Charges Against "Capitol 9" Protesters

9 years ago by Stephen Lemons
The Maricopa County Attorney's Office has dropped charges of disorderly conduct against the nine protesters who chained themselves to the Arizona state Capitol on April 20, in an act of civil disobedience over SB 1070. (Note: Governor Jan Brewer signed the "papers, please" legislation just days later on April 23.) Attorneys working pro...

Activists Chain Themselves to Arizona Capitol to Protest Russell Pearce's SB 1070

9 years ago by Stephen Lemons
Nine activists protesting state Senator Russell Pearce's anti-immigrant bill SB 1070 chained and locked themselves to the doors of the Arizona Capitol today, forcing the Capitol Police to use bolt cutters to unchain the nine and arrest them for disorderly conduct. As a demonstration of hundreds denouncing SB 1070 raged...

U.S. House 287(g) Hearings: Judiciary Committee Chairman Says in Opening Remarks That "Immigrant Bashing" is a "Pretty Popular Sport" in Some Places

11 years ago by Stephen Lemons
Things are just getting under way here in Room 2141 of the Rayburn House Office Building for the House Judiciary Committe's 287(g) hearings. There's a packed house, with plenty of representation from Arizona, including Mesa Police Chief George Gascon, civil rights activist Salvador Reza, and lawyer/activist Antonio Bustamante. California Congresswoman Zoe...

Don Stapley, Mary Rose Wilcox Call for FBI Investigation of Chief Deputy David Hendershott; Ask Feds to Consider Taking Over Sheriff's Office

9 years ago by Ray Stern
  Maricopa County Supervisors Don Stapley and Mary Rose Wilcox have asked the feds to consider taking control of the Sheriff's Office in light of allegations revealed in a top deputy's memo. The supervisors, two chief targets of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's politically motivated attacks, addressed the memo by Deputy Chief Frank Munnell...

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