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Rat Fink

17 years ago by Robrt L. Pela
Rats! Barry Paceley's got them, but like the guy with the proverbial pile of lemons, Paceley has made lemonade -- which, as residents of the tony Arcadia neighborhood know, is a roof rat's favorite beverage. It's been a year since Paceley and his fellow Arcadians went public about their ongoing...

Sal DiCiccio Raises Tons of Money -- Has Already Spent $159K on Council Race

10 years ago by Sarah Fenske
If you've got it, spend it.That appears to be the motto of Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio, who's raised a staggering $225,160 for his council campaign -- and has already spent all but $65,000 of it.According to the most recent set of campaign finance reports for the hotly contended District...

Sal DiCiccio Veers Off Message -- "Worried" About Kidnapping in Phoenix

10 years ago by Sarah Fenske
Phoenix city officials have been going out of the way to assure residents that the whole "kidnapping capital of the world" thing is media hype -- and that you, your family, and any tourists who want to visit town are absolutely safe here.Someone apparently forgot to get the message to...

Drowning in Debt

College FundAs the Crow buys . . . : Thank you to Amy Silverman for her recent column regarding tuition increases at Arizona State University ("Raising Arizona State," January 2). I am grateful that the issue is surfacing in mediums other than solely the campus newspaper. Perhaps this attention will...

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