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What's Happening With the Election in Arizona? Live Updates

5 months ago by New Times Staff
The latest from Arizona as the presidential election extends into Thursday.

He's Not Running: Jeff Flake Rules Out White House Bid and Joins CBS News

2 years ago by Joseph Flaherty
Jeff Flake on CBS: "I will not be a candidate."

The 10 Best Heavy Music Albums of 2018

2 years ago by Ashley Naftule
This was a good year for fans of punishing music.

Great News is Hilarious. Why Won't NBC Get With the Program?

3 years ago by Lara Zarum
Great News has a screwball charm and a flair for rapid-fire jokes, built on a premise that amusingly literalizes the classic sitcom concept of coworkers as family.

Why Network Still Matters, 40 Years Later

5 years ago by M.V. Moorhead
Among the ongoing freak-outs of getting older is constantly being confronted with venerable anniversaries of pop-culture phenomena. One week you’re reminded that Star Trek is about to qualify for AARP, another that Jaws is in its 40s, another that Jurassic Park is in its 20s. It can make you feel...

From Racial Animus to Real Estate: Tomi Lahren on the American Money Tour

3 years ago by Joseph Flaherty
Tomi Lahren’s visit to Arizona as a part of the so-called American Money Tour amounted to a shameless bait-and-switch.

The Network Guy

23 years ago by Peter Rainer
The Truman Show, starring Jim Carrey, is the Zeitgeist movie of the hour. How could it not be? It's all about the omnipotence of television and how our lives seem scripted by some unseen force--a TV producer, perhaps? Zeitgeist movies, almost by definition, get written about not only by film...

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.