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Et tu, Dennis? Ex-Senator Dennis DeConcini Endorses and Does Robocalls for Sheriff Joe.

13 years ago by Stephen Lemons
Former Senator Dennis DeConcini: Democrat, Obama supporter, and fan of Joe Arpaio. He was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention for Barack Obama, and supports Democrat Tim Nelson in his run against Republican County Attorney Andrew Thomas. So why are voters receiving robocalls from former Democratic U.S. Senator Dennis...

Dennis DeConcini to Join Steve Gallardo and Russell Pearce at SB 1070 Hearing

9 years ago by Matthew Hendley
Former Democratic U.S. Senator Dennis DeConcini -- who's currently on the Arizona Board of Regents -- has been added to the roster of witnesses for next week's Senate immigration subcommittee hearing on Arizona's Senate Bill 1070.​New York Democratic Senator Charles Schumer, the chair of that subcommittee, initially tried to peg...

Rodney Glassman Names Political Fossils Rose Mofford and Dennis DeConcini to Chair His Probable Senate Campaign

11 years ago by James King
With John McCain and J.D. Hayworth engaged in an all-out war for the Republican nomination for Senate, you may have forgotten that at some point one of them will have to run against a Democrat. That Democrat is likely to be Tucson Vice Mayor Rodney Glassman, who announced today that...

ICE’s Matthew Allen and Dennis DeConcini Get Ripped Apart by the Taloned Terror

13 years ago by Stephen Lemons
MR. DISINGENUOUS This ornery oriole's given up on expecting candor from the new head of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Arizona office, Matthew Allen. Back in April, hard on the heels of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Hispanic-hunting sweeps in Phoenix and Guadalupe, Allen (who'd just inherited the job from departing AZ...

DeConcini & Keating

28 years ago by John Dougherty
Senator Dennis DeConcini has contradicted his own sworn testimony in the Keating Five scandal. On Monday, DeConcini admitted he was aware as early as 1984 that his chief fund raiser, Earl Katz, was in business deals with the recently convicted financier Charles H. Keating Jr., who controlled the failed Lincoln...

DeConcini's Loco Approach To Rico

32 years ago by Howard Fischer
When it comes to cases of fraud, there's no question where Dennis DeConcini stands. Arizona's senior senator has been busy this past week trying to get his colleagues to gut the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. If DeConcini is successful, it will tie the hands of consumers and...

Border Patrol Routinely Deports Migrants to Nogales, Mexico, in the Dead of Night

25 days ago by Josh Kelety
Immigration advocates argue that the practice leaves migrants vulnerable to exploitation.

Dennis Burke to Be Named U.S. Attorney for Arizona in Near Future?

12 years ago by Paul Rubin
More than one source we know and trust has told us that all signs are pointing to longtime Democatic politico Dennis Burke as the next United States Attorney for Arizona. Burke previously served as chief of staff to former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano and worked closely with Napolitano when she was Attorney...

Martha McSally Has Small Lead With Arizona Senate Race Too Close to Call

2 years ago by Joseph Flaherty
Republican Martha McSally is maintaining a slim lead over Democrat Kyrsten Sinema in the brutal contest to succeed Jeff Flake.
Best Of Winner

Best Historian

Professor Jack August

It's more than fitting that Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan has appointed Arizona historian Jack August to serve as historian and director of institutional advancement in the Division of Library, Archives, and Public Records. Though Reagan is a Republican and August is a Democrat of the old-school New Deal...

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