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The 20 Best Concerts in Phoenix This Week

2019’s biggest week for live music is upon us.

Here's to You, Missing Robinsons

22 years ago by M.V. Moorhead
Danger, Will Robinson! Sensors detect boomer-TV redux once again. This time the victim is Lost in Space, Irwin Allen's enjoyably absurd sci-fi TV fantasy which ran from 1965 to 1968 on CBS, before ABC's Batman trounced it in the ratings. Grown-ups are likely to cringe at the prospect of sitting...

Here's Your Guide to Canal Convergence 2018 in Scottsdale

1 year ago by Lynn Trimble
10 days of art and music along the Scottsdale Waterfront

Every Act Playing Coachella 2017, Ranked

3 years ago by Andy Hermann
We ranked all 161 acts on this year's lineup, because we're crazy.

Trumbo Honors a Blacklisted Screenwriter With Drama He Would Have Cut

4 years ago by Alan Scherstuhl
Bryan Cranston parades through Trumbo, a wiki-pageant of shorthand history, like he's a costumed kid playing Actor Bryan Cranston at a Disney park. As blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, a man given to mannered diction, Cranston layers movieland falseness over the scraped-raw heart of his Breaking Bad triumph. Remember how you...

Get Busy Buying Physical Copies of Movies This Season

5 years ago by Michael Atkinson
Call it Stone Age materialism, but I still think movies are worth owning in physical forms you can hold, shelve, and collect, and therefore worth giving as gifts. Fuck the Cloud -- who knows when Hulu will get sold to Google or when Netflix decides to narrow down its catalog...

16 for '16: The Up-and-Coming Metro Phoenix Bands to Watch This Year

4 years ago by Amy Young
The new year means new beginnings, fresh ideas, and more chances to give birth to new projects. In such a populous area, we are privy to a tremendous amount of ambition and diversity when it comes to the local music scene. The area's creative class constantly churns out new music...

Roky's Picture Show

13 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
You're Gonna Miss Me (Palm) A hit at the South by Southwest Film Festival two years ago, Keven McAlester's doc about the Papa of Psychedelia, Roky Erickson, at long last gets its proper release. But time has done McAlester a tremendous favor: Had he shot the film too soon, he...

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