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Transgender Woman From El Salvador Faces Uncertain Future as Asylee in Phoenix

1 year ago by Hannah Critchfield
Spending her entire asylum process in detention, the Salvadoran woman had little time to prepare for a future outside it.

Caffiend: El Salvador at Village Coffee Roastery

12 years ago by Niki D'Andrea
"What's your specialty drink?" and "What's the most caffeinated coffee you carry?" are pretty common questions at a coffee shop. Usually, baristas will give a specific answer: at Cartel Coffee Lab in Tempe, they recommended the iced toddy. At Gold Bar Espresso in Tempe, we were encouraged to try the...

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Arizona's Migrant Graveyard: Searching for Bodies and Bones in the Borderlands

3 days ago by Josh Kelety
The number of suspected migrant remains recovered in southern Arizona surged in 2020.

Seydi’s Pupuseria & Grill

Fast-casual north Valley eatery Seydi's Pupuseria & Grill has Phoenix hooked on El Salvador's most famous dish: the pupusa. This mother-and-son-operated pupuseria is run by Jose Flores and the...
Latin, Salvadoran

Salvador Deli

13 years ago by Steve Jansen
Awesome. Phoenix is celebrating National Pupusa Day with a homegrown Festival of the Pupusas. What’s a pupusa, you ask? Now, now, don’t go all east Mesa conservative on us and start talking about deporting those stuffed handmade corn tortillas “cuz dem illegal Mexicans eat ’em.” For one thing, the pupusa...

Salvador Deli

20 years ago by Carey Sweet
War. What is it good for? For Americans, at least, strife in other countries can lead to greater dining variety. As immigrants land on our shores, escaping the constant upheaval of their homelands, they bring with them intriguing new foods, exotic recipes and a taste of the globe many of...

First Taste: An Exciting New Salvadorian Eatery in North Phoenix

9 months ago by Chris Malloy
Pupusas are just the beginning at Reinas De Las Pupusas Restaurant.

Salvadoreno Restaurant #2

When you’re tired of Mexican tortilla-based meals like tacos, burritos, and enchiladas, mix it up with a specialty from El Salvador called pupusas. Somewhat of a combo between a burrito and a...
Salvadoran, South American

New Murals by Phoenix Artists Bring Color and Life to the City

9 months ago by Lynn Trimble
Your guide to the latest murals by metro Phoenix artists.

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