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Best Performance in a Non-Equity Production

Greg Lutz in Hughie

Set in New York circa 1928, Eugene O'Neill's Hughie takes us to a dim, gloomy corner of a dank lobby in a crummy hotel, where a sad old guy won't stop talking to a night clerk who's only half-listening. iTheatre Collaborative's excellent production was especially notable for Greg Lutz's performance...

Hughie Is a Rare, Brilliant Piece of Theater

4 years ago by Robrt L. Pela
You can't afford to miss iTheatre Collaborative's production.

Chris Danowksi's New Book DOGSEAR Is His Fitting Farewell to Phoenix

3 years ago by Serene Dominic
Danowski has been teaching theater, media, and performance art to ASU students for years.

The Gay Laughter Trinity

21 years ago by M.V. Moorhead
If growing up the fat Jewish kid in an otherwise Catholic Long Island neighborhood wasn't enough to make Eddie Sarfaty anxious, recognizing that he was gay must surely have done the trick. Sarfaty has grown up to make all of the above work for him, however, as grist for the...

Pixar Dives Under the Sea Again — and Into Memory Itself

5 years ago by Bilge Ebiri
Finding Nemo may have been a cartoon about a clownfish traveling across the ocean looking for his son, but it was also one of Pixar's first overt forays into the workings of the human mind. The film, from 2003, was haunted by loss: The protagonist, Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks),...

Took a Shot

15 years ago by Jordan Harper
American Dreamz (Universal) Till this, Paul Weitz had a stellar filmography, a career in ascension: American Pie (good), About a Boy (great), In Good Company (absolutely perfect). But this, er, satire about a dumb American president (Dennis Quaid, channeling whassisname) trying to get smart, a cynical wanna-be singer trying to...

Tyrone Power

23 years ago by Robrt L. Pela
If they'd been written today, the Tyrone clan of Eugene O'Neill's Long Day's Journey Into Night would be just another dysfunctional family whose shrieking harangues would be best appreciated by a Jerry Springer audience. The more refined crowd that came to see this infamous family at the Herberger Theater Center...

This Time the Bottle Let Us Down

25 years ago by Robrt L. Pela
I didn't much like The Cocktail Hour, which surprised me. Not only because it's one of the more amusing and sophisticated of A.R. Gurney's comedies, but because the company presenting the play--and the director who staged it--normally offers more muscular fare. This time out, director Betty St. George and her...

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