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Investigation into Ducey Appointee Languishes in Bill Montgomery's Office

1 month ago by Elizabeth Whitman
Two years ago, allegations surfaced that Jeff Fleetham, director of the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, was breaking the law.

Federal Phoenix Prison Went on Lockdown for 12 Days After a Fight

2 months ago by Steven Hsieh
One inmate was treated for minor injuries.

Migrants Inside ICE's Only Transgender Unit Decry Conditions

3 days ago by Hannah Critchfield
Inmates in ICE’s transgender unit are calling for investigation of the facility.

Desperately Seeking Refuge: Susan Ash Rescues Abused Pack Animals

4 hours ago by Robrt L. Pela
“These animals are being tortured. Their lives are beyond horrible. The best day they ever have is the day they finally die.”

Video: Arizona Police Dog Chewed Half Man's Face Off. He's Seeking $2 Million.

3 days ago by Steven Hsieh
The same dog chewed a chunk of leg off a Peoria man two years prior.

Woman Subjected to Cavity Search Claims Phoenix Police Are Withholding Records

5 days ago by Steven Hsieh
"City attorneys informed Reynolds' legal team that the department had no record of their public records request."

Proposed Arizona-Mexico Wall Threatens Southwest's Last Free-Flowing River

10 days ago by Elizabeth Whitman
The San Pedro is one of the few remaining places where animals like javelina and jaguars can cross the man-made border between Mexico and Arizona.

Trump Protester Shot in Genitals by Phoenix Police Sues After Facebook Posts

10 days ago by Meg O'Connor
Civil rights attorney Elizabeth Tate is now representing Josh Cobin, who says Phoenix police violated his constitutional rights when they shot him.

‘Hit with a Dildo’: Reports Detail Harassment, Racism at Phoenix Water Services

14 days ago by Elizabeth Whitman
One employee cursed at colleagues and spewed epithets for years. Another slapped a colleague in the face with a dildo, investigators believed.

Here's What City Officials Wrote on Those Notepads at Pilgrim Rest Meeting

18 days ago by Meg O'Connor
Throughout the community meeting at Pilgrim Rest, city officials took notes and collected comment cards. Here's what the notes and comment cards say.

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