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Phoenix Cop Under Investigation for Alleged Threat Against Mayor Kate Gallego

29 days ago by Josh Kelety
The Phoenix Police Department confirmed that a "criminal investigation" into one of its own members is underway.

Feds: No Evidence of 'Wild' Claims by Skinhead Informant Who Slept With FBI Agent

2 days ago by Ray Stern
New details in a story involving the FBI, the Goodyear police department, and a good amount of unsavory behavior.

Border Officials Are Seeing a 'Huge Spike' in People Smuggling Drugs With Their Bodies

7 days ago by Ray Stern
The x-ray showed a foreign object in the woman's vagina. Not long after, a 54-gram package of methamphetamine hit the floor.

'Accountability is Dead': Phoenix City Council Stalls Police Oversight Office

6 days ago by Josh Kelety
In a 5-4 vote, the Phoenix City Council slammed the brakes on a new police oversight office.

What's Happening With the Election in Arizona? Live Updates

19 days ago by New Times Staff
The latest from Arizona as the presidential election extends into Thursday.

Federal Officer Shot Outside Courthouse in Downtown Phoenix

2 months ago by Josh Kelety
And one Phoenix City Council member has, without evidence, rushed to connect the shooting to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Patient Charged With Marijuana Possession After Hike on Federal Land

2 months ago by Erasmus Baxter
After HikeWhen Freddy opened his backpack, the ranger said he thought he smelled marijuana.

Political Motives Not Mentioned in Phoenix Federal Courthouse Shooter Charging

2 months ago by Josh Kelety
The defendant was allegedly found after the shooting in Phoenix's Verde Park with firearms while wearing a suit and a fedora.

Gunnigle Misfires in Claim That Adel Scrapped County's Public Corruption Unit

1 month ago by Josh Kelety
Julie Gunnigle claimed that her opponent scrapped a unit focused on public corruption. That's not true.

Arizona Counterterrorism Agencies Monitor Police Victims, Ignore Right Wing Threats

1 month ago by Beau Hodai
BLM activists, Poder in Action, and even police brutality victims are among those being watched by local law enforcement units, New Times has found.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.