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Groups Plan to Sue Over Federal Change That Guts Protections for Arizona Waters

1 day ago by Elizabeth Whitman
Without those protections, "people are free to pretty much do whatever they want," said Brett Hartl of the Center for Biological Diversity.

Goodyear Police Chief Jerry Geier Fired Following Internal Investigation

2 months ago by Meg O'Connor
The chief of the Goodyear Police Department, Jerry Geier, has been fired, city officials announced today.

'Cum Dumpster' Cop Beau Jones Fired, Criminal Investigation Continues

4 months ago by Meg O'Connor
Sergeant Daniel Beau Jones has been fired, but the criminal investigation remains ongoing.

Motel 6 to Pay $10M After New Times Story Exposing Collusion with ICE

8 hours ago by Meg O'Connor
The lawsuit was spurred by a New Times exposé on Motel 6's practice of sharing guest information with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

Feds Publish Info on Arizona Lead Contamination From Shooting

9 days ago by Elizabeth Whitman
At one site, lead contamination was 70 times the legal limit. No cleanup has been done.

Jodi Arias Prosecutor Juan Martinez Placed on Paid Leave

8 days ago by Meg O'Connor
After years of ethical and sexual misconduct complaints, Maricopa County prosecutor Juan Martinez has been placed on paid administrative leave.

Feds to Track Migrant Criminal Histories in Fight Against Sanctuary Cities

8 days ago by Hannah Critchfield
"We found there was no significantly significant relationship between sanctuary status and whether the city had higher or lower crime rates."

Arizona BLM Has Known About Lead Problems at Table Mesa for a Decade, OIG Says

28 days ago by Elizabeth Whitman
It still hasn't cleaned up the contamination, which comes from target shooting, and according to a federal probe, it never warned the public.

ASU Student's Viral Coronavirus Tweet Prompts Meeting with Administration

20 days ago by Meg O'Connor
"Guys stop replying to President Crows actual tweets lmao pls pls pls stop hahahahaha IM stop tagging me AHHH"

ASU Under Investigation for Failure to Protect Student After Title IX Complaint

4 months ago by Hannah Critchfield
The case raises questions about how ASU protects students who report retaliation not by the accused professor, but by other classmates.
ASU, Sex

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