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Indigenous Lawmakers Want Probe of Petersen's Involvement in Native Adoption

10 hours ago by Steven Hsieh
The Indigenous Peoples Caucus also plans to introduce legislation intended to protect Native children.

That Time Phoenix's Equal Opportunity Director Kept Using an Anti-Hispanic Slur

10 hours ago by Elizabeth Whitman
Not all racial slurs are created equal, according to the leader of Phoenix's anti-discrimination watchdog.

Records Show Petersen’s Firm Planned Native Adoption, Raising Legal Questions

1 day ago by Steven Hsieh
Was Paul Petersen following the Indian Child Welfare Act?

At Least Two Phoenix Cops to Be Disciplined Over Facebook Posts

8 days ago by Meg O'Connor
Some officers are bemoaning their perceived lack of free speech, applying for jobs elsewhere, and even suing the city for trying to discipline them.

Hickman's Blames Inmates for Injuries They Suffer While Working on Its Egg Farms

26 days ago by Elizabeth Whitman
"She should have never been working on the auger with it moving. She was told not to,” Jim Manos said of Mary Stinson.

City Moves Closer to Creating Latino Cultural Center at North Building in Roosevelt Row

28 days ago by Lynn Trimble
It all hinges on getting City Council approval — and raising $12 million.

Commentary: Cap'n Crow Strikes Back: ATRA Calls Letters to Corporate Leaders 'Bully' Tactic

5 months ago by Stephen Lemons
Letters from ASU president Michael Crow to the corporate members of a tax watchdog organization reveal an imperious bully-boy in action.

Migrant Fathers Seek Damages From USA for Family Separations

1 month ago by Hannah Critchfield
They didn't see their children from two months. Now they're asking for $3 million each in damages.

Gannett Confiscates Pro-Union Arizona Republic Reporter's Work Phone

2 months ago by Steven Hsieh
"I asked how I would conduct interviews the rest of the day. She said, 'You won't.' I asked when I could have it back. She said she would let me know."

Amid Newsroom Tension, Arizona Republic Staffers Go Public With Union Drive

2 months ago by Steven Hsieh
"Our newsroom needs a seat at the table.”

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