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Fourteenth Amendment Challenged by Racist Wackjobs in D.C.

10 years ago by Stephen Lemons
Note: For some reason the original ABC video won't play here anymore, so I'm posting this YouTube video from radio host Carlos Galindo, who wisely captured this from the ABC sitePity poor state Senate President-elect Russell Pearce.He couldn't be there for all the fun today in D.C. as a passel...

GOP to Appeal Ruling That Moves Arizona Voter Registration Deadline to Oct. 23

6 months ago by Josh Kelety
A federal judge ruled that Arizona voters can have until October 23 to register to vote. But state Republicans plan to appeal.

Inmate Says He Was Raped, Retaliated Against at CoreCivic Prison in Arizona

1 year ago by Elizabeth Whitman
CoreCivic officers kept Justin Fuller from calling lawyers and a prison rape hotline, he said. They piled disciplinary reports on him and threw him in solitary.

'Cum Dumpster' Cop Beau Jones Fired, Criminal Investigation Continues

1 year ago by Meg O'Connor
Sergeant Daniel Beau Jones has been fired, but the criminal investigation remains ongoing.

Cop Under Investigation Called Woman 'Cum Dumpster,' Beat Civilians, Lawsuits Say

2 years ago by Meg O'Connor
Records depict Jones as an antagonistic braggadocio who once dragged a witness to a cemetery and threatened to put a bullet in a fellow officer's head.

The Phoenix Police Department Wants to Buy 'Sound Cannons'

3 years ago by Steven Hsieh
"It is for communication purposes only (but) there are different forms of communication." — Phoenix police

Parents to Sue Goodyear District Where Teacher Allegedly Molested Their Son

3 years ago by Joseph Flaherty
They argue that the principal was aware of possible child abuse by sixth-grade teacher Brittany Zamora and failed to notify the authorities.

Eight Times U.S. Judges Squashed Arizona's Attempts to Clamp Down on Immigration

5 years ago by Elizabeth Stuart
When the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a permanent injunction last week blocking former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's executive order denying driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants with work permits, it started to feel like deja vu.  As Congress continues to stall on comprehensive reform, more and more states...

Polygamous Towns and FLDS Sued by Businessmen Over Alleged Illegal Arrests and Discrimination

5 years ago by Ray Stern
Illegal arrests by a cult-run police force have spurred a new federal lawsuit against two polygamous towns on the Arizona-Utah border. Three businessmen who are former members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints allege that officials in the rural towns of Colorado City, Arizona, and Hildale, Utah, violated...

Joe Arpaio, Crybaby Sheriff, Wants Do-Over of His "Corrective Statement" in Melendres

7 years ago by Stephen Lemons
Is there a diaper big enough to fit big ol' baby Sheriff Joe Arpaio? Yep, Arpaio's pitching a fit like the spoiled, soiled octogenarian that he is, demanding a do-over on a "corrective statement" that his attorney Tim Casey recently submitted to the federal court in the ACLU's groundbreaking civil...

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