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Savage Republic

18 years ago by Fred Mills
. . . and then God created the Savage Republic. Circa early '81, in the transverse utility tunnels beneath the UCLA campus to be precise, spontaneously combusting in a post-punk/industrial clatter of guitar, two basses, drums and scrap-heap percussion -- Joy Division and Einstürzende Neubauten colluding on the Can songbook...

The 11 Best Concerts in Phoenix This Weekend

2 years ago by Benjamin Leatherman
Including a whopping five music festivals.

Wiz Kids

7 years ago by Jose Gonzalez
Before Google Glass, there was the Power Glove. The wearable Nintendo controller is practically a supporting character in The Wizard, the 1989 film screening Saturday, June 15, in conjunction with the Phoenix Art Museum’s exhibit "The Art of the Video Games."Corey (played by Fred Savage) jets from his broken home...

5 Terrible TV Lawyers You'd Totally Hire

4 years ago by Joseph Schmidt
Ineptitude is almost an endearing quality in television characters, so long as there's a hint of charm within. And while hapless goons frequent many tried tropes and formulaic sitcoms, very few of them remain as lovable as the shitty lawyer. Bad lawyers have been a staple of television going as...

6 TV Shows That Never Should've Been Canceled

4 years ago by Joseph Schmidt
An inevitability as harsh as an Arizona winter, TV show cancellations are upon us. Like the leaves changing or avoiding the flu shot, finding out your favorite show won’t get another season is another annual tribulation. But we have hope, everybody, in the form of sweet, clickable lists such as...

Video Game History 101 at the Arizona Popular Culture Experience

8 years ago by David Sydiongco
The pixels, polygons, and sassy animal mascots of video games past will be on display in a new exhibit at The Arizona Popular Culture Experience. Opening to the public on March 9, "The History of Video Game Consoles" is a nostalgic trip through the industry's landmark moments, standout characters, and...

Death Race 2016: Here are the Musicians Who Died in September- Please Pray!

3 years ago by Serene Dominic
Now cognizant of the dwindling rock star pool that is 2016, you've no doubt you've clicked on a story like this a couple of times every day on FaceBook: "BREAKING: Rock Music Legend Found Dead — Please Pray" I only just noticed that the source of this click bait turns...

Adam Richman, Host of Man v. Food, Chomps Into Chompie's Ultimate Slider Challenge

10 years ago by Laura Hahnefeld
Adam Richman, host of Man v. Food on the Travel Channel, took on an 11-pound, 30-inch meat-covered pizza in Atlanta, a 7.5-pound hamburger in Memphis, and a 72-ounce steak in Amarillo. Now, the kinda-looks-like-Fred-Savage feaster has taken the Ultimate Slider Challenge at the Chompie's location in Tempe. In March, and...

Jenny & Johnny: I'm Having Fun Now

10 years ago by Michael Lopez
August just refuses -- in any ungodly way possible -- to go away. We're cursed with 31 days of the month, and today, the last and final day of this mess, just had to fall on a Tuesday. What does that mean? Another ho-hum batch of new releases, this time...

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