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This Is a Photo of George W. Bush Smoochin' Jan Brewer

8 years ago by Matthew Hendley
This is a photograph of President George W. Bush and Governor Jan Brewer, in which Bush is giving Brewer a little smooch, and Brewer's not shoving her finger in his face...

George W. Bush: Who Would Jesus Torture?

10 years ago by Stephen Lemons
Vanity, vanity, saith the preacher, all is vanity.And what more can it be than vanity that Phoenix's Arizona Christian University is feting former President George W. Bush at a $500 a plate dinner so the Torturer-in-Chief can blather on about his "faith-based presidency"?I reckon there's also hypocrisy and greed, both...

Charlie Gibson Proves It: Sarah Palin Is George W. Bush in Pumps.

13 years ago by Stephen Lemons
The Wing-nut from Wasilla, reporting as unfit for duty. Anyone who hasn't watched the Sarah Palin interviews by ABC News' Charlie Gibson should log onto YouTube or the ABC News web site and tremble in fear. That's what I did after missing the initial broadcasts, as I was out both...

Game of Thrones Producers, HBO Apologize for Using "Decapitated Head" of George W. Bush

9 years ago by Claire Lawton
Game of Thrones recently wrapped up its second season on HBO, but if you're still catching up on and have a sharp eye, you might catch a familiar face on Season 1, episode 10, about 12 minutes in. During the scene, King Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) takes Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) to...

Al Jourgensen and his thoughts on George W. Bush, the Internet as an "anarchy punk-rock threat," and the end of Ministry

13 years ago by Daniel Raven
It's days before the first date of what's being billed as the last tour ever for industrial-metal pioneers Ministry, and frontman Al Jourgensen is determined to convince naysayers that the band's days are truly numbered. "I'm not one of these comeback people that does farewell tours that are, like, three...

George H.W. Bush Approves of Vernon Parker; One-Time President Seems to Think Parker Has the Vision Thing

9 years ago by Matthew Hendley
Congressional candidate Vernon Parker, who once kind of ran for governor for a bit, now has the stamp of approval from his ex-boss, former President George H.W. Bush.Parker's among the approximate truckload of candidates running for Congress in the newly formed Ninth Congressional District, which just had another addition --...

Athena Salman Pushes Back on Paul Krugman, Says Hate Was 'Norm' After 9/11

7 months ago by Ray Stern
"My family still suffers psychological trauma to this day."

Best of Phoenix 2020: Eight More Local Stores We Love

6 months ago by Jennifer Goldberg
Go buy something cool at one of these beloved Phoenix businesses.

Best of Phoenix 2020: Beyond the Grave at Papago Park's Pyramid Tomb

7 months ago by Robrt L. Pela
Here's the story behind one of Phoenix's strangest landmarks.

Placebo Records and the Story of Phoenix's Wild Early Punk Scene: An Oral History

8 months ago by Tom Reardon
How a group of young rebels helped bring about one of the most influential eras of Phoenix music history.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.