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Conventional Warfare

8 years ago by Wynter Holden
The stereotype of geeks as mousy, shy wallflowers is total crap. Sci-fi and fantasy conventions can be as cutthroat as political debates, with quibbling Republicans and Democrats replaced by gamers, steampunks, and Trekkers. Forget healthcare and the economy: the important issue is who’s a better captain, Picard or Kirk? The...

Can't Wait for George R.R. Martin to Finish Winds of Winter? Read These Fantasy Series Instead

3 years ago by Michael Senft
You’ve been patient. The fifth book in George R.R. Martin's bloody "Song of Ice and Fire," A Dance with Dragons, hit bookstores shortly after the Game of Thrones TV series started in 2011. Surely, you thought, there’s no way the show will catch up to the books. It couldn't take Martin...

Top 5 Things to Do This Weekend

8 years ago by Becky Bartkowski
If all the potential things to do this weekend have you looking like the horrified dude pictured above, pause for a moment and take a deep breath. Remember this is a good thing, having stuff to do. The Suns will take on the New Jersey Nets, stuffed locals will hang...

Zola Jesus: "I Have This Fantasy . . . of Being a Pop Star."

7 years ago by Chase Kamp
When she was young, Nika Danilova trained to sing opera but often lost her voice due to performance anxiety. When Danilova began performing as Zola Jesus in Madison, Wisconsin, her harrowing voice slowly grew confident among thickets of tape hiss and ambient synths. On her latest full-length, Conatus, Danilova's voice...

A Mountain by Any Other Name...

Peaks and Valleys A mountain out of a molehill: I just wanted to thank you for this insightful piece ("Squaw Peeved," Robert Nelson, April 17). My fiancé and I thought we were the only ones to see through the ridiculous posturing of our faux Democrat of a governor. I would...

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