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Phoenix Artists You Should Be Following On Instagram

8 days ago by Bri Arreguin-Malloy
These accounts represent the diverse talent our city holds.

12 Holiday Film Screenings Around the Valley

2 months ago by Ernie Quiroz
Everything from classic musicals to slasher movies

Oh, Kay

13 years ago by C.M. Redding
There's nothing quite like dive-bar karaoke at 7 on a Thursday night. Especially in a No. 1 dive like Kay's Lounge. When my guest pig, Zep, and I open the door to this place, it is immediately palpable that the new NO SMOKING legislation is a huge mistake for the...

Special Kay

22 years ago by Paul Rubin
Dr. Kay Rauth-Farley is checking on a toddler named Alex in the pediatric ward of St. Joseph's Hospital. The 1-year-old has a fractured skull, and he's whimpering in his bed. "Oh, baby," she says soothingly. The pediatrician feels for the large mushy spot on top of the baby's head. Alex...

50 Years After Stonewall: An Oral History of Phoenix's LGBTQ Bar Scene

7 months ago by Benjamin Leatherman
A look back at what the Valley’s LGBTQ community was like in the ‘60s and ‘70s, how Stonewall changed things, and what they’ve learned since then.

In The Big Short, Adam McKay Takes on the '08 Crash — and Crashes

4 years ago by Melissa Anderson
Fueled by impotent, blustery outrage, Adam McKay's The Big Short, about the grotesque banking and investing practices that led to the 2008 financial collapse, is about as fun and enlightening as a cranked-up portfolio manager's rue-filled comedown after an energy-shot bender. Based on Michael Lewis' 2010 bestselling book of the...

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