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John McCain and Charlie Keating: Remember?

13 years ago by Amy Silverman
By Amy Silverman If Tom Fitzpatrick were alive today, the guy wouldn't believe his eyes. In 1991, the late New Times columnist devoted one of his classic diatribes to the notion that no one would ever forget the role Arizona's U.S. senators, John McCain and Dennis DeConcini, had played as...

John McCain's bimbo and corruption eruptions...

13 years ago by Stephen Lemons
Sen. John McCain's "Oh!" face. Supposedly, the ladies love it... Am I the only one who's found Sen. John McCain's denial of an improper relationship with Washington lobbyist Vicki Iseman to be as insincere as a late-night TV ad for a sex chat service? Right-wing radio, after skewering McCain for...

Is John McCain a War Hero?

22 years ago by Amy Silverman
Craig Willbanks wants you to know that John McCain--former prisoner of war, current senator, White House aspirant--is a traitor, a liar and a wimp. Willbanks and McCain have never met. The senator probably has never heard of this hunched-over, soft-spoken fellow who served two tours of duty in Vietnam as...

John McCain Breaks Up a Fight

23 years ago by Amy Silverman
Senator John McCain likes to play on the national stage; that's why many of his constituents were startled January 30 to find him taking off after a local entertainment event. An upcoming match in a blood sport called cage fighting, he declared in a letter to his pal Maricopa County...

The Selling of John McCain's Soul

31 years ago by Tom Fitzpatrick
A writer of fiction most certainly would enjoy a rare literary feast in sitting down to write a novel based on the rise and fall of Senator John McCain. McCain's life story has all the elements required for the creation of a complex, even memorable, fictional character. His life is...

What Makes John McCain Run?

31 years ago by Tom Fitzpatrick
John McCain can stop running now. The race is over. It's time for McCain to sit erect in a chair with television cameras whirring and face the Senate Ethics Committee. The long-awaited hearings into the savings-and-loan scandal begin Thursday in Washington, D.C. McCain is the most interesting of all the...

Controversy Continues Over John McCain Mural Planned for Scottsdale

2 years ago by Lynn Trimble
City council voted to halt work on The Maverick last night.

John McCain's "Checkers" Speech

32 years ago by Tom Fitzpatrick
It was the kind of press conference reporters show up for even when they're not working. They put on their best suits and get their shoes shined. They make sure they have fresh batteries in their tape recorders. Senator John McCain had promised to give his version of Richard Nixon's...

Arizona Senator John McCain Discontinuing Treatment for Brain Cancer

3 years ago by Steven Hsieh
He announced his primary glioblastoma more than a year ago.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.