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Power of Myth

8 years ago by Julie Peterson
Is "I am not an animal!" what most of us remember about Victorian Englishman Joseph Merrick, a.k.a. the Elephant Man? Or the myth that Michael Jackson tried to buy his skeleton? In any case, 1980's film, starring John Hurt, followed Bernard Pomerance's play, The Elephant Man, a work of enduring...

Gross Point

10 years ago by Wynter Holden
Americans will do anything to avoid getting older or fatter. Stomach stapling is on the rise, Botox is in like high-waisted jeans, and older celebs such as Joan Rivers and Cher have more fillers than an Oscar Meyer wiener. Local artist Benjamin Phillips makes physical imperfections hard to ignore in...

Our Michael Jackson Spoof Is Outed, Plus Connecting the Dots Between Shawna Forde and Her Ideological Confederates

12 years ago by Stephen Lemons
MURDEROUS INTENT You'd have to have aluminum flowing through your veins not to feel a chill crawl up the back of your neck as you listen to the 911 tape of the Arivaca killings. Weeping, Gina Marie Gonzalez tells the 911 operator that someone has shot both her husband, Raul...

Michael Jackson’s Sedona “Murderess” Revealed

12 years ago by Joseph Rossi
Hell hath no fury like a New Age physician scorned. That's what Sedona healer Reinalda de Souza wants the world to glean from the untimely demise of Michael Jackson. She especially wants the famous and wealthy individuals who beat a path to her door seeking a cure for their mental,...

My Right Foot

17 years ago by Robert Nelson
Gordon McGuire reaches into the back of his mother's fridge and pulls out the front part of his right foot. After eight months in formaldehyde, the skin on the body part is ghostly white. The piece of foot is the size and shape of a turkey wing. The skin is...

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