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Kreayshawn @ Lake Havasu City

9 years ago by M.T. Richards
In May, Oakland rapper Kreayshawn bubbled up from the underground with her smash single "Gucci Gucci." Now she's the talk of hipsterdom. With its propulsive, jackhammering beat, "Gucci Gucci" was skillfully produced, but the content left something to be desired. Kreayshawn rapped about dining at Arby's and selling pills to...

Criss Angel to Perform Deadly Houdini Stunt in Lake Havasu This Weekend

10 years ago by James King
Criss Angel, the over-dramatic, shirtless "magician" and star of A&E's Criss Angel Mindfreak, is performing a stunt in Arizona this weekend that was once perfected by legendary magic man Harry Houdini.This weekend, Angel plans to be chained, shackled, handcuffed, wrapped in rope, and lowered into the Colorado River from the...

Criss Angel's Lake Havasu Stunt Goes Off Without a Hitch; Imagine That

10 years ago by James King
Criss Angel, the over-dramatic, often-shirtless "magician" and star of A&E's Criss Angel Mindfreak, performed a "death-defying" stunt in Lake Havasu on Saturday, and, as we predicted last week, nothing too cool happened and Angel's still alive -- despite ruthlessly pimping the danger element of the stunt.As we said last week,...

Lake Havasu Man Arrested for Twitter Threats Against John Boehner

6 years ago by Matthew Hendley
A Lake Havasu man has been arrested for using Twitter to threaten to kill House Speaker John Boehner.According to a federal complaint, Ronald Dean Frazier operated a Twitter account with a profile picture of Boehner with crosshairs on his forehead, and posted tweets such as, "Did you know I'm going...

Buying into Blackmarket: Why this Lake Havasu City band deserves your attention

12 years ago by Niki D'Andrea
I first saw Blackmarket at the 2007 SxSW festival. The band was performing on a bill with retro-metal monsters Danava, and they went on early, to a mostly-empty club. What struck me about that performance was all the heart Blackmarket put into it -- they sounded as professional as any arena band, and they had the rapt attention of every single person in the thin, earlybird crowd. Blending the melodic sensibilities of bands like The Beatles and Radiohead with the dark lyricism and artistry of artists like David Bowie, Blackmarket immediately struck me as the next Arizona band to make a mainstream splash.

Lake Havasu City Councilman Says He's "Just a Little Jewish" When it Comes to City Manager's Contract

10 years ago by James King
At a meeting to discuss whether or not to fire Lake Havasu City Manager Richard Kaffenberger, a member of the City Council had an interesting excuse for how he handles city finances.He's "just a little Jewish."At least that's what Councilman Lee Barnes told the city council members in a special meeting...

Havasu 95 Speedway

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Couple of Hams: Laughing Pig Theatre Is Up and Running

7 days ago by Robrt L. Pela
Last season they did something called The Abortion Road Trip.

28 Arizona Cops Got Banned From Law Enforcement Last Year

1 month ago by Meg O'Connor
It's a sliver of Arizona officers, but the records show the unethical, and, in some cases, criminal, conduct some cops engage in while on duty.

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