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Bill Montgomery's Actions Argue in Favor of Ethical Rule He Opposes

7 years ago by Stephen Lemons
At the beginning of August, I wrote about proposed new ethical rules for Arizona prosecutors, in a petition currently pending before the Arizona Supreme Court. Opposed by Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, as well as numerous other county, state and federal prosecutors in Arizona, these amendments to Ethical Rule 3.8...

Bill Montgomery Opposes Ethics Rule Requiring Prosecutors to Reveal Evidence of Wrongful Convictions

8 years ago by Stephen Lemons
As Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery fights to keep Debra Milke behind bars pending a retrial on her overturned murder conviction, he also is fighting a proposed rule to the State Bar of Arizona that would require prosecutors to act on new evidence of a wrongful conviction. For the past...

After 38 Years Behind Bars, Bill Macumber Joins Those Freed by the Arizona Justice Project

7 years ago by Weston Phippen
Bill Macumber stares over the crowd of young heads shuffling into Coors Field in Denver. He observes that people dress much more casually at baseball games than in 1974, when he began his long incarceration in Arizona. Sun shining on his gray hair, Macumber wears a bola tie, a red...

New Trial Ordered for Man Convicted in 1998 Shaken Baby Case; Attorneys Claim New Evidence Proves Innocence

10 years ago by Gregory Pratt
The Maricopa County Attorney's Office agreed this morning to a new trial for a man convicted in 1998 murder of his then-girlfriend's child. Superior Court Judge Glenn Davis vacated Armando Castillo's conviction per the agreement and ordered a new trial as well as a status hearing to be held on...

Death Threats and Race-Baiting in Court As Judge Glenn Davis Orders Armando Castillo Released on Bond

10 years ago by Gregory Pratt
It was a wild scene at the Maricopa County Superior Court building today as Judge Glenn Davis ordered that Armando Castillo be released on bond while awaiting re-trial in a 13-year old shaken-baby case. Prosecutors agreed to a new trial for Castillo last week. You can see our report here...

Caged Hit

23 years ago by Chris Farnsworth
Steve Benitez was stabbed through the heart in his cell after an error by the Arizona Department of Corrections kept him out of protective custody. Now the state might have to cut a check to his family to pay for that mistake. Attorneys for the estate of Benitez, a gang...

Paying the Price

22 years ago by Chris Farnsworth
The New Mexican Mafia put a price on Steve Benitez's head, but it's the taxpayers who will have to pay for the Arizona Department of Corrections' failure to protect him. Benitez's family has settled its wrongful-death claim with the State of Arizona for $900,000. Benitez, a gang member turned informant,...

Dennis the Menace

13 years ago by Amy Silverman
On October 19, the day after New Times' owners were arrested, the county attorney very publicly fired special prosecutor Dennis Wilenchik. That same day, Bill French very quietly resigned from Wilenchik's law firm. At 76, French is a man who could rest on his laurels. Instead, he shared them with...


30 years ago by Tom Fitzpatrick
It will be as tense a moment as anyone can ever remember in a Maricopa County Superior Court. The following words will be heard by the spectators crammed into Judge Frederick Martone's courtroom on the thirteenth floor of the Central Court Building: "We now call Charles Hyder to the stand."...

Justice for Some

20 years ago by Amanda Scioscia
Sympathetic onlookers squirmed in their seats and dabbed their eyes with tissues as they listened to stories of torture. Jim Herriman beat his wife Carol with a shotgun, choked her half to death, sexually abused his stepdaughter, even killed the family pet. By the end of Carol Herriman's two-hour clemency...

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