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Mega Ran and Minibosses at Phoenix Comicon

9 years ago by Niki D'Andrea
Mega Ran, and Minibosses Hyatt Regency Ballroom at Phoenix Comicon Saturday, May 28If you've ever wanted to run into somebody famous while they're wearing their pajamas, the lobby of the downtown Hyatt during Phoenix Comicon is apparently the place to do it. Friday, in-between music sets by local bands Halocene, Dead Man's...

Mega Ran Is Championing the Great Rap-Wrestling Merger

2 months ago by Chris Coplan
The Valley MC recently teamed with Xavier Woods for a new song, "Sunset Flip."

Mega Ran’s Rocky Johnson Tribute Gets Love From Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

5 days ago by Benjamin Leatherman
The local rapper showed respect to the late wrestling legend and got thanked by his superstar son.

Mega Ran Drops Diss Track Calling Out Arizona Rappers

5 years ago by David Accomazzo
All-around bad-boy rapper Mega Ran has had enough of rappers in his hometown talking smack behind his back, so today, he released one diss track to rule them all, complete with art depicting a pen all but bleeding red ink...

Mega Ran Drops New Project in Time for Phoenix Comicon

8 years ago by Anthony Sandoval
The Avengers may still be kicking plenty of ass at the box office, but don't get it twisted -- superheroes are not easy to come by. As luck would have it, though, the closest thing to a hero Phoenix has will be making an appearance at this weekend's Comicon. He...

Mega Ran Lost His Nintendo 3DS, and the Internet Is On the Case

7 years ago by Dan Moore
I never quite understood it until yesterday, but my favorite Andy Warhol quote has always been, "In the future, everyone will be famous enough to have the Internet come to their rescue for 15 minutes, or until some more really goofy Anthony Weiner sexts leak." Phoenix's own Random -- alias...

Mega Ran Releases Collaboration with MURS and Slaughterhouse's Joell Ortiz

6 years ago by Jaron Ikner
Local rapper Random (a.k.a. Mega Ran) is nothing if not prolific. In fact, he's one of the more productive hip-hop/nerdcore artists out of Arizona, consistently delivering top-notch projects like "Black Materia" and "Forever Famicom" to the masses, as well as releasing close to a dozen different jams last year via...

How Video Games Saved Rapper Mega Ran's Life and Made Him a Hip-Hop Hero

1 year ago by Benjamin Leatherman
Nintendo and Pac-Man helped keep Raheem Jarbo, a.k.a. Megan Ran, off the streets of Philadelphia as a child.

MM25: Mega Man Rocks Features Tracks from Mega Ran, The Protomen

6 years ago by Dan Moore
If your knowledge of Capcom-sidescroller-influenced pop doesn't extend outside the Arizona borders--and why should it, given the presence of Mega Ran and the Minibosses?--you'll be forgiven for not knowing there are enough Mega-Man-fans-slash-musicians out there to put together a 25th-anniversary tribute album. But there are, and the aforementioned Mega Ran...

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