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How Arizona's Dining Rooms Are Reopening With Smaller Crowds in Mind

12 months ago by Kris Vera-Phillips
What reopening dining rooms at some Valley restaurants actually looks like.

Demos to Dining: Phoenix Musicians Are Opening Bars and Restaurants

2 years ago by Lauren Cusimano
Why is this happening now? Why is it happening here? The answer is pretty sweet.

Amplified Is Coming to Phoenix Art Museum

3 years ago by Lynn Trimble
Here's what you need to know.

Reflecting on 30 Years of U2's The Joshua Tree

4 years ago by Jason P. Woodbury
“U2 had sort of adopted Arizona as its flagship state for the Joshua tour."

Modified Arts Hosts Shane Kennedy's Improvisational Act, Towncraft, Tonight

11 years ago by Martin Cizmar
It's easy for the music scene to forget that Modified Arts is not, in fact, now a Waffle House. It is, last I heard, an art gallery, presumably filled with art. And, from time to time, with a little experimental-leaning music.Shane Kennedy's project Towncraft certainly qualifies. It's improvised instrumental "Americanoir"...

Art of Noise

11 years ago by Steve Jansen
Just in case you haven’t heard, Modified Arts didn’t close or become a strip joint (yes, these were rumors that were actually floated about). Rather, the longtime space simply changed its modus operandi by focusing on NYC-style music shows, such as the Alchemy of Sound, a collaboration series curated by...

The Seven Best Concerts in Phoenix This Week

4 years ago by Phoenix New Times
Hope y’all had a merry Christmas. More importantly, we hope y’all have recovered from Christmas. The good news is that its sort of a light week ahead as we count down the final, grueling days of 2016. And, yes, there are some great concerts taking place. As a matter of...
Best Of Winner

Best Neighborhood Pizzeria, Central Phoenix


Just outside the downtown orbit, Cibo is truly tucked into a residential neighborhood, bringing energy to a beautifully restored historic 1913 bungalow at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Fillmore Street. Outside, the lush front yard is filled with umbrella tables and twinkling lights, while the interior is packed with...

Animated Animator

14 years ago by Steve Jansen
It’s no wonder the New York Times gave animated filmmaker Brent Green props, saying his films are “some of the most original animations we have seen in years.” And it should come as little surprise that Filmmaker magazine dubbed the twentysomething one of the top 25 newcomers to the independent...

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.