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Mexican Death Toll in Drug War Likely Higher Than Reported

8 years ago by Molly Molloy
Editor's note: Molly Molloy, border and Latin American specialist at the New Mexico State University Library, has made it her mission to document the number of people killed in Mexico's wave of violence. Using official government reports as well as press accounts, Molloy created a detailed record of the violence...

Mexicans Pay in Blood for America's War on Drugs

Editor's note: The American news media continues to report the body count in Mexico’s “War on Drugs” at more than 50,000 dead. But Molly Molloy, a researcher at New Mexico State University, tallies more than 100,000 Mexicans killed to wage a war financed and mandated by American authorities and led...

A Report from Juarez, Mexico, the Bleeding Front Line in the War on Drugs

10 years ago by Susana Hayward
Driving on a cold desert night to a small farming community along the Rio Grande where hit men had gunned down a man who stopped to buy a beer, the convoy of local crime photographers snapped away at a soldier manning a checkpoint. He was wearing a skeleton mask, a...

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