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Proposed Bill Would Limit Solitary Confinement in Arizona's Prisons

20 days ago by Hannah Critchfield
Currently, prisoners can be placed in various forms of solitary confinement indefinitely.

As Florence Prison Closes, Firefighting Inmates Will Continue Work Together

28 days ago by Hannah Critchfield
“I can’t wait to spread the word to the other guys,” one crewmember said.

Arizona’s Incarcerated Firefighters May Earn Extra Time Off Sentences

5 days ago by Hannah Critchfield
HB 2849 would offer reduced sentencing for inmates who work as firefighters for the state.

Multiple Penis Men Still at Large, Tempe Cops Confirm

3 days ago by Ray Stern
"We do believe there are other people" doing the spray-painting...

‘Rehabilitation’ in Name Only? Advocates React to Ducey’s Plan on State Prisons

1 month ago by Ali Swenson
One state lawmaker says Governor Doug Ducey's attempt to rebrand the Department of Corrections with a new name is like putting "lipstick on a pig."

Arpaio Leads in Sheriff’s Race Cash, But Just 1 in 8 of His Donors Are Arizonans

6 days ago by Ali Swenson
Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio wants his old job back — but his fundraising is mostly from out-of-state donors. Has he lost his local support?

Representative Blackman Proposes Sentencing Reform Bill for Nonviolent Offenders

18 days ago by Hannah Critchfield
Nonviolent offenders could earn reduced sentences though rehabilitative programming.

ADOSH: No Safety Violations at Hickman's Egg Factory in Arlington

24 days ago by Elizabeth Whitman
Several inmates have been seriously injured while working at Hickman's in recent years.

Inmate Says He Was Raped, Retaliated Against at CoreCivic Prison in Arizona

2 months ago by Elizabeth Whitman
CoreCivic officers kept Justin Fuller from calling lawyers and a prison rape hotline, he said. They piled disciplinary reports on him and threw him in solitary.

Walt Blackman Faces Backlash for Voting Yes on Mandatory Minimum Bill

1 month ago by Meg O'Connor
"This bill could have been stopped from moving with his vote," Fealk said. "It's very disappointing and disheartening to see."

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